Jul. 4th, 2015

For obvious reasons, all fatality figures are estimated. Casualties are uncountable. List of targets incomplete.

London gets ten.

Paris received a direct hit (casualties massive). Marseilles and Nice lost with much of French Fleet. Toulouse, Lyon, Lille, Grenoble, and Bordeaux recieved 'city-killers' - fallout on nearby agricultural areas reported bad. Flight over Le Havre reports huge amounts of smoke (PETRO-CHEMICALS?) in the air. French Govt. unsure about much of the interior - estimate heavy casualties. Clemenceau en route to French Guiana.

Madrid, Barcelona gone. HMS Gloucester shadowed by two Spanish(?) aircraft - radio contact not achieved. No contact with any sort of central govt. Gloucester reports that Roentgen readings in Gibraltar Straits v.v.high, buildings appear undamaged (DO NOT PROCEED. RETURN TO PORTSMOUTH).

Brussels direct hit. SHAPE recieved 30MT - attempted helicopter evacuation following Kassel bombs failed.

Vienna assumed hit. Bad fallout from Germany (COULD THE MOUNTAINS HAVE SHIELDED THEM?). Tactical devices and gas utilised in support.

No communications with Reykjavik or US airbase at Keflavik. Possibility of sending a submarine/ship (NOT A PRIORITY).

Uncounted misses and hits on UK mainland - many villages small towns etc gone. Falklands and Ascension alive. Hong Kong unknown.

No word from Russia (sic) or the United States. France, Low Countries hit hard. Germany gone. East Europe (sic) gone. Volunteers prepping Yeovilton for reconaissance (sic) flights over West Europe - FUEL?)

Wait out. God save the Queen. Whitelaw.



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